samedi 16 mai 2009


There are many beautiful warmths that will remain close to my heart as I leave Helvetia in a couple of hours. Spicy untamed wild flower perfumes, fresh snow melting drafts drifting down slopes as I slowly glide up, cascading streams gleaming sparkling cristal beams in the still afternoon blue air, post-modern impromptu ruminant cowbell concerts in the high weeds on 45 degree angled rolling hills framed with deep dark misty mythical bark and leaf cathedrals…

But the astonishing hospitality of swiss hosts will top my list of smiles, as I think back on this time. Olivier, Isabelle, Denise, the Tuttles, Christina and Birgit will forever represent my first impression of Switzerland, a lasting cordial mark on the map of my slow path towards the light.

Gruezi mittenand!

2 commentaires:

hélène a dit…

nothing to polish if you write in poetic english, i receive you 5/5! is your swiss phone n° still valid in austria? i don't want neither to put you down a rabbit somewhere in eastern europe nor to eat my spleen with a short-consommé as you don't seem to get easy internet connexions.

Mek a dit…

Swiss phone marche plus. Sans explication pour l'instant. French phone fonctionne, mais pas crédit pour appeler le répondeur. Scheisse. Deutsche phone actif dans quelques heures, si tout va muy bueno.

Nous nous assurerons de bien préparer le rendez-vous Est-Européen !